Brandywine Drumlabels

Brandywine Drumlabels cultivated over 20 years of service in the chemical drum labeling industry and was also launching its new sub-brand — Brandywine Primelabels, which provided services for On-demand custom labels of small containers. Both identities were inspired from the diamond shapes of GHS Labels, and the arrow shape expressing the speed of printing On-demand. I focused the  Brandywine Drumlabels with the blue colors of chemical drums and barrels, while presenting a bolder and brighter palate for Brandywine Primelabels to reflect the wide spectrum of its printing capabilities. 

Art Direction

Amy Siano

4x3, LLC


Branding, Print, Booklets, Identities, Logos

Brandywine Drumlabels

Brandywine Primelabels

Dual Branded Folder

Peelable Sticker Business Card